Diau Trading (PTY) Ltd
About Us
With the experience and expertise, our two directors manage to build collectively (approximately forty years), a reliable supply line of “products” from Southern, mid and West Africa.
Through the concept of Joint-venture partners, associates, agents and brokerage companies, We provide a complete and professional service. Market related prices are negotiated with potential sellers, to enhance the buyers' interest all over the globe.

The services We provides is to control the gold, diamond and financial processes from beginning-to-end and to maintain the product chain of custody from start to finish.
This is uniquely accomplished by internal funding, structure/procedure development as well as raising funds or to make use of available bank instruments to ensure a successful transaction.

Company's Vision For The Near Future:
To ensure honest and continuous business relationships with the suppliers and buyers whom
We represent.
To build trust and ensure a favorable working relationship between all the parties, which will
become members of the “consortium.”
By following these rules strictly, our aim is to grow into an opportunity, where we can build a
foundation to be able to plough back into the community of the African countries where our
supply sources work hard to earn their daily bread. We aim towards a position where we can
create a humanitarian trust to support the human “gold” and “diamonds” of these
countries, by making provision for funding through this trust to uplift the community and
deposit into these countries the value of  Christian education for the youth.

With the blessings of our Father, the Almighty ruler, we will be able to support our business'
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