Diau Trading (PTY) Ltd
Techvale Holdings (Pty) Ltd - trading as DIAU TRADING (PTY) LTD.
We are a Botswana registered company (Registration no:  CO2013/9459)
managed by two directors Gerda Odendaal and Siebert F Geldenhuys.
Our head quarter is currently based in South Africa, with Business relations in countries like Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola, DRC, Sierra Leone and Ghana, to mention a few.

Though we focus mainly on the source and selling of Diamonds and Gold, we also have the abilities, expertise and resources to assist with other type of minerals on an ad-hoc base if it forms part of a package transaction to support our main line of business.
To conclude successful transactions, we will assist with professional documentation and  contracts, as well as payment methods, type of financial instruments, accounting/legal service references in the countries and/or locations the transactions will be conducted.
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